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Fabulously oversized balloons shipped straight to your door.



Welcome to the non-stop party that is Floating Affections.

We specialize in balloons, but-- because we're extra --our balloons are dramatically oversized and customized to make your event unique.

Our custom balloons have appeared at every type of fête, from corporate events to backyard BBQs, and they are showstoppers. We've got plain balloons, confetti balloons, and (according to our lovely customers) the absolute best gender reveal balloons.

We ship complete, easy-to-assemble kits all over the US. Just let us know where the party is and the decor will come to you.


Celebrating shouldn't be hard work.

You've been busy planning this baby shower/family function/wedding/surprise party for weeks now-- the last thing you need is to have to Google "how much confetti is TOO much confetti for a balloon?" You didn't ask for a a crash course on physics, just a show-stopping centerpiece for your celebration.

We get it.

We've tested, weighed, popped, cut, reworked and perfected our balloon kits so all you have to do is inflate and enjoy.

So you're not getting just any old balloon-- you're getting the best. Because frankly that's what you deserve.


Proposals, bridesmaid recruiting, bachelor/ette parties, photo shoots, the Big Day... we're here for it!

Make it Yours


Upgrade someone's day and become their MVP with a surprise as unique as you.

Go ahead, grab you some joy


Yes, balloons!

Life is full of tiny moments of delight, glee, and joy and balloons are gravity defying spheres that perfectly represent that joy-- bright, happy, and cheerfully floating above it all.

What better profession could there be for an aspiring bon vivant, than to bring joy to complete and total strangers? The Floating Affections mission is to mark your special moments, celebrations and milestones with the perfect helium filled reflection of your joie de vivre.

(That's French for "awesomeness," by the way.)

(No. No, it isn't. But you know what I mean.)


Affectionately yours,

Krissy Thomas, Director of Possibilities